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Nano Mister

Nano Mister

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Ultra fine mist of H20 quickly & effectively cures the eyelash extension adhesive, prolonging the life of the extensions. Using a Nano Mister significantly reduces the chance of an irritation or an allergic reaction that may be caused by the adhesive.

  • Advanced nano technology with good penetrating power and huge fine, misty spray
  • Capacity: 15ml water storage can be used about 7 to 8 times
  •  Easy to use, leak-proof sliding cover design with LED power indicator



• 1x Nano Mister

• 1x USB Charging Cable


How To Use:

Hold Nano Mister at least 12 inches away from clients face. There should be no water droplets on the lashes. USE DISTILLED WATER ONLY. Be careful of shock polymerization (a white frost on the lashes).

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